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We serve a large tange of landbased industries; waste water treatment, Pulp and paper production, petro chemical, food and beverages, mining and aqua culture, to name a few.

The ejector principle is applicable for various mixing purposes and in processes where large amounts of fluids, gases as well as powder and granulates are to be transported. Ejectors protect the pump system from dry-running and from clogging with large particles in the suction media.


Ensilage onboard fishing vessels

To meet the demands of the so-called ‘discard prohibition’, more and more fishing vessels must be modified. This modification involves installing ensilage tanks to optimize the use of raw materials onboard.

For the fish waste to quickly decompose and turn into animal feed, the stainless-steel tanks are filled with formic acid and an ejector is needed to move the ensilage around in the tanks. GO TO Case Study

Mining & Mineral Processing

In mining and mineral extraction processes, slurry from large pits is transported in km-long pipelines. Extreme high pressures involved require tailor made slurry ejectors. GO TO R&D Case Stury

Waste Water Treatment

Settling solids, the sludge, holds sand grit and larger items that clog the pumping system and ultimately wear out the pump. By installing an ejector prior to the main pump, costly maintenance of the pump can be prevented. GO TO Waste Water Industry


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